Monday, 29 August 2011

The Wardrobe of Yma Sumac


Yma Sumac September 1922 - November 2008

The wardrobe of Peruvian musical legend Yma Sumac is slowly being sold on eBay, and going for ridiculously cheap prices - beautiful satin opera coats, feather trimmed dresses, fur trimmed jackets with matching turbans, monogrammed garments and more - all museum quality pieces that seem to be selling for under the $500 mark. For sale this week are an incredible Inca costume dress, similar to the one in the above photo; the suit she wore for her American citizenship ceremony, and some of her collection of aprons, which she apparently slung on when guests arrived unexpectedly, taking credit for her maid's cooking!

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  1. Incredible and sad that this doesn't stay together in a museum collection! But I guess it's about keeping the spirit alive (and creating an income for her former assistant). Understandable, but probably not the best for the preservation of (pop-)cultural heritage.